Building brighter futures

Regent business school, SANZAF & IDP bring higher education opportunities to Imams & their communities.

“…And say, “My Lord, increase me in knowledge.”

[Qur’an 20:114]


As believers we have been commanded to make dua for an increase in knowledge, and generally encouraged to seek out beneficial knowledge. Being the Ummah of “Iqra” which means to read the Imam Development program includes affording the Imam with secular and Islamic education opportunities to enhance and refine his skills level. 


Alhumdulillah, this year in conjunction with SANZAF and the Regent Business School IDP has secured over 10 bursaries for Imams as well as community members recommended by Imams for tertiary level studies. SANZAF has graciously offered to cover the bursary costs for the selected students qualifying for study at the Regent business school.


Regent Business school a leading private higher education institution in Southern Africa offering programmes in various areas of the business industry. Undergraduate and post graduate qualifications with them will benefit Imams and their communities contributing to a wider range of business, entrepreneurial and leadership opportunities. 


IDP – Making Imams Great Again!


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