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The Imam Development Project aims to assist currently employed Imams and Religious leaders to empower, develop and refine their skills.

Many complain about Imams and many Imams complain about their state. All agree on the importance of the Imam but very few try to remedy the situation.

The Imam is supposed to be a confident, strong, passionate individual but unfortunately due to circumstances the Imam is usually underpaid, undeveloped, overworked and lacking in passion.

The IDP aims to assist them financially as well as providing medical, educational, training, clothing, media and counseling assistance.

The IDP will provide a package to the value of R50 000 per Imam per annum and support these selected Imams in refining their skills.

The IDP will will focus on upskilling Imams in Religious and Non-religious fields.
Religious: Focus on Iman, Islam & Ihsan.
Non-religious: Speaking, Teaching & Presentation Skills, Secular Education,
Interpersonal Skills and Problem Solving

No, the IDP will only assist currently employed Imams with a Top Up Package.

Imams will have to fill in an application form, an Indemnity form of employer and provide letters of recommendation.

We will then interview the applicant and then make our selection.

Some of the criteria that we consider:


Level of Education


Realm of influence

Speaking ability


The IDP is open to all legal residents residing in the countries that the IDP operates in.

Yes, the best performing Imam will receive due incentive. We have allocated hajj trips, umrah trip , bursaries and vouchers for best performing Imam.

The application form is available on the website

Imams are monitored and reviewed through four avenues

  1. Imams are required to submit a monthly progress report.
  2. They are also required to submit an ongoing engagement report which tracks their community work.
  3. They attend Professional Development courses monthly.
  4. Imams also write an exam which refines their knowledge on topics such as Islamic History, Fiqh & Hadith as part of their professional development.




The code that we feel Imams should abide by:

Linking the creation to the Creator

Embrace truthfulness, fairness, with all others with whom they interact.

Implement a code of behavior which reflects Islamic values, beliefs and always fulfill any commitment, promise and obligations made to the Muslim community.

Treat all others regardless of their background with regard for their value as human beings and to speak up against any discrimination and disrespect that they encounter.

Become responsible and accountable for actions and all consequences that might arise from all decisions.

Strive to understand the feelings, thoughts and emotions of others in order to show compassion and fairness to all.

To always hear every person’s perspective and treat everyone with respect.

We can be contacted via

[email protected]

0820600031 (Admin)
0620861355 (Admin)
0844147184 (National Manager)


Postal address
PO Box 94, Maidstone, 4380

The IDP is primarily a project of Mercy Mission World and the partners are WAMY, IPCI, SANZAF, DEENCLASS , ALKAUTHAR INSTITUTE, CARING WOMEN’S FORUM AND AWQAF