Committee for Dawah in Africa “Family of the Prophet (saw) & Companions” Competition 2018

Under the auspices of the Religious Attaché of the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia, in association with The Imam Development Project, Alkauthar Institute, DeenClass & the Committee for Dawah in Africa brings to you the 10th Family of the Messenger (saw) & Companions competition.

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Ten Prizes include

  • Fully paid Hajj trip (First Prize)
  • Tablets (Second and Third)
  • Mobile phones (Fourth to Tenth)


  • The first winner shall be one that has never performed Hajj before
  • Competition is open to all legal SA residents above the age of 20. Place a tick alongside the correct answer only.
  • 18 out of 20 questions must be answered correctly to qualify
  • First, second and third prize winners must be in possession of a high school certificate.
  • All questions must be answered correctly.
  • Photocopying of the questions is allowed.
  • Only one entry form per person. If more than one is submitted all will be void.
  • The entrant should be prepared to discuss their answers with the examining committee if required.
  • Completed forms to be submitted in the country of the entrant.
  • Winners will be announced on the Imam Development Project Facebook page.



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Some clues found in the below

In the Footsteps of the Ahlul Bait

The A to Z of the Ahlul Bait

The Family of the Messenger , the Companions and The Scholars of the Ummah

Between them was love
Between them was mercy
Between them was respect
They were not infallible, not angels but they were the best of the best

Ibn al Sa’dee said “Love of the Family of the Messenger  is an obligation due to many reasons: They embraced Islam early, they were close to the Messenger  in terms of lineage and He  ordered us to love them”.

Ibn Abbas said about the verse 118 Surah Hud “And they are in two groups, one upon mercy and the other absent of mercy thus they disagree”

Ibn Taymiya said about the christians and their differing that it was a result of their taking some of the book and leaving some.

Imam Malik said that the Salaf use to teach their children the love of Abu Bakr and Umar as they would teach them a surah of the Quran.

Ibn Qudamah said “It is from the Sunnah to be pleased
with the wives of the Messenger , the mothers of the believers, the pure and innocent.
The best of them Khadijah bint Khuwailid and Ayesha al-Sideeqah daughter of al-Sideeq who Allah made innocent in His book, the wife of the Prophet  in this world and the next. Whoever slanders her with regards to what Allah stated she’s innocent of is a disbeliever in Allah.

Ibn Kathir said the one who slanders Ayesha after Allah clearing her of all doubt is a disbeliever.

Examples of their love for one another:

The Messenger  married Ayesha, the daughter of Abu Bakr.
The Messenger  married Hafsa, the daughter of Umar.
The Messenger  married his two daughters, Ruqayyah and Umm Kulthum to Uthman.
The Messenger  married his daughter Fatimah to Ali
Ali married his daughter Umm Kulthum to Umar.
Abaan, theson of Uthman married Umm al Qasim bint Hasan ibn Hasan ibn Ali.

Ali named some of his sons Abu Bakr, Umar and Uthman.
Hasan had a son named Abu Bakr and one Umar.
Musa al Kazim had a daughter named Ayesha, one named umm salamah, a son named Abu Bakr and one Umar.

Umar said to Al Abaas “By Allah, your embrace of Islam was dearer to me than even if al-Khataab embraced because your Islam was dearer to the Messenger  than the Islam of al-Khataab”

Ibn Kathir said in al-Bidaayah wa al-Nihaayah abut Hasan “and al-Sideeq use to honour, glorify and respect him and so did Umar ibn al-Khatab.

Abu Bakr said “By the one in whose hand my soul is, to honour the family of the Messenger  is dearer to me than to honour my family”

Ibn Abaas said that Ali said when he entered upon Umar ibn al-Khataab after Umar was stabbed “There is no one’s deeds that I would love to meet Allah with except yours”

Ibn Abaas said {The servants that Allah chose} are the companions of the Messenger (saw).

Jabir ibn Abdillah said “Whoever Allah is pleased with cannot die upon kufr, the pleasure of Allah only applies to those who die upon Islam”

Imam Jassas said verse 117 Taubah is an explicit proof against those who curse the sahabah.

From the honour and respect of Ali towards Abu Bakr and Umar is that

when he was asked by his son Muhammed ibn al-Hanafiyya “Who is best after the Messenger ?” He said “Abu Bakr”. I said “and then who?” He said “then Umar”. I felt he would say Uthman next and so I asked “and then you?” He said “I am only a man from amongst the Muslim

Imam Malik said with regards to those who slander the companions of the Messenger  “Verily they wanted to slander the Messenger  but were unable so they slandered his companions so it might be said that he was an evil man and had he been righteous, his companions would have been righteous too” and “Whoever slanders the companions has no share in Islam”

“Do not smear the companions for verily your adversary will be the Messenger  tomorrow” said Imam Shafee.

Imam Muhammed ibn Abdul wahaab due to his love for the family of the Messenger (saw) named his sons Ali, Hasan, Husain and his daughter Fatima.

Imam Ahmed said whoever prefers Ali over Abu Bakr has insulted the Messenger (saw)
Abu Zur’ah said the one who curses the companions is a Zindeeq while Imam al Mawardee said his testimony is rejected.

Imam Malik said that those who harbor malice against the companions should have no share of the booty attained by Muslims

Ibn Taymiya said whoever claims all the companions left the fold of Islam but a few after the demise of the Messenger  has himself disbelieved.

Ibn Taymiya said “From the principles of Ahlus Sunnah is to have clean hearts and tongues for the Companions of the Messenger (saw) and to love the family of the Messenger (saw)…”

Ibn Taymiyah mentions that the companions differed in fiqh and this is not an issue

Ibn Taymiya said the evils emanating from prolonged conflict and chaos between Ahlus Sunnah is worse that evil from mistakes of a small group in fiqh
Know that whoever discredits any of the companions of Muhammed  in reality intends the Muhammed  and causes him distress said Imam Barbahari.
Imam Al Aajuree said “Upon the killers of Husain is the curse of Allah…

The Prophet (saw) described breaking ties and evil between two as deathز

Ibn Abbas said about Ibn al Zubair “His father was a disciple, his grandfather was Abu Bakr.”

“Whoever diminishes the status of a single one of them or denigrates his narrations from the Prophet r, then such a person has refused Allah and \/srv\/users\/client11-idp\/apps\/client11-idp\/publicified the religious law of the Muslims.” said Al Qurtubi

Ibn Masud said “Obedience and Unity is obliged upon you.”

“The Ummah is united upon the integrity of all the companions, even those that fell into the fitnah.ِ” said Ibn al Salah.

Abdullah ibn Jafar said “…and no one was a leader like Abu Bakr”

Imam Dar al Hijrah said “The Salaf used to teach their children the love of of Abu Bakr and Umar like they taught them a chapter of the Qur’an”?

Ibn Abaas said that “His Chosen servants” refer to the companions of Muhammed (saw).

Imam Malik said that some wanted to find fault with Islam but couldn’t so took to finding fault with the companions.

Ibn Kathir said that “We do not deny any commandment with regards to treating the family of the Prophet (saw) with excellence, respect and honour”

Ibn Taymiya said “Obligation towards the forerunners is to be pleased without any condition, but Allah hasn’t been pleased with their followers unless they follow in goodness, and among following them in goodness is asking Allah to be pleased with the forerunners and seek forgiveness for them?”

Imam al Tahawi said “Unity is right and correct and disunity punishment” and ”Whoever purifies his speech concerning the companions and the Noble Wives of the Prophet r, as well as his honoured descendants, has freed himself from hypocrisy.”

“It is not allowed for anyone to mention their mistakes, to attack anyone of them through a fault or a short-coming, whoever does that it is necessary on the ruler to admonish and punish him” said Imam Ahmed

“In relation to the rights, virtues and standing of the Family of the Prophet r “We do not deny the advice with regards to the Ahl Bait, the order to respect, honour & revere them for verily they are the pure offspring in reputation, lineage and from the most noble house on the earth” and “Woe to the one who hates them or swears them or hate and swears some of them especially the leader of the companions, the best of them, Abu Bakr ibn Quhafah.” said Imam Ibn Kathir

“Whoever invents in this ummah something that the predecessors were not upon, then indeed he has sworn that the Prophet r has betrayed the deen as Allah says {This day I have completed your deen for you} so whatever was not in the deen that day is not in the deen today.” said Imam Malik

And the best of generations are those who saw the Prophet r and believed in him, then those who followed them [next generation] then those who followed [next generation]. The most honourable of the Companions are the rightly guided Caliphs: Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman and Ali [May Allah be pleased with them]. The Companions should not be mentioned except in the best manner and to avoid [criticizing] that which occurred among them and that they are the people that are most entitled to whom excuses are sought and thought of highly” said Ibn Abi Zaid.

Imam al Shafi said “Do not toy with the companions of the Prophet r for he  will be your adversary tomorrow”

Imam al Nawawi said “it is incumbent upon the Muslims to that they should be close to one another and not disunite and this is a foundational principle of Islam.”

“Whoever swears the companions of the Prophet r he is a disbeliever even if he fasts and prays and thinks he is a Muslim” said Bishr ibn al Harith

“Knowledge is not taken from the foolish nor is it taken from the possessor of desires, except that it leads to innovation” said Imam Malik

Ibn Taymiya said there is no doubt that the family of Muhammed (saw) have an exclusive right on the Ummah.

Imam Malik also said that the one who has ill feelings towards the companions has fallen under the verse {So that they may infuriate the disbelievers}. 48:29

“I do not think that he is upon Islam”?Imam Ahmed said about the one who curses the Companions.

Imam Malik said the christians said about the companions:” By Allah, these people are better than the disciples [of Eesa] concerning that which has reached us”

“Whoever swears Abu Bakr (r.a) has left the fold of Islam” said Imam Awzaai

May Allah unite us with the Messenger , His family and companions.