IDP Waqf Kits for Masjids/Centres

Providing avenues to enhance the facilities of Masajid to better serve the community.

The masjid stands in a community primarily as a place of prayer, but its functions surpass that in many area of social upliftment, development, and co-operation. It’s a place of education, communal interaction, counsel, support, and aid. 


With the hope of ensuring that Masajid and Islamic Centres all over can fulfil all those functions within communities the  Waqf Kit Project was born. This project works with the specific goal of masjids and Islamic centres obtaining essential items to assist them in carrying out their community events and initiatives. This is a 50/50% partnership between the IDP and the Masjid Trust Boards.


The Imam Development Program with the support of our Blessed Benefactors offered Imams funding together with their Masajid and Islamic Centres to secure these Waqf Kits. The kits will remain under the care of the imam and trustees as they co-ordinate the secure lending of these resources to both Muslim and non-Muslim community members maintaining its function as a resource, support, and service to the community at large. 


Alhumdulillah! Thus far we have contributed to over 40 Waqf Kits in Masajid and Islamic Centres around South Africa, Malawi, and Lesotho.


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