On the 30th of October 2020, the Imam Development Program in association with the Union of African Muslims Scholars (Mali) hosted the Islam in South Africa: Roots, History & Identity Conference. A Popular History Online Conference -Bridging the gap between Academia & the Streets that looked into the Identity and Impact of Muslims in South Africa.

The 6 Presenters that took to the platform were chosen from the many who submitted a paper in hopes of being selected to present their work at the conference & win R500! Our winning 6 took us on a journey through the annals of history looking at how Islam arrived at the tip of Africa, what South Africa had to offer the world in Dawah and the contributions of some of the many Muslim personalities who stood against the injustices of the apartheid government.

Our 6 Presenters & their Topics:
Prof. Suleman E. Dangor – Critical Assessment of the Call for a Need of Muslim Personal Law in SA
Mohamed Fakier – Placing Shaykh Nazeem Mohamed in the Struggle Against Apartheid
Moulana Ebrahim Maseko – Do we need Muslim Personal Law in South Africa: PROS & CONS
Shaykh Zarier Moerat – The Early Muslim History in South Africa (The Cape)
Moulana Tashreeq Maasdorp – Muslim Women Activists in the anti-apartheid struggle: Fatima Meer
Shaykh Jaasiya Njelenje – Why Ahmed Deedat is known around the World

Click Here to Download the 6 Winning Papers

Alhumdulillah, we thank the South African Public and the Imams of IDP for their overwhelming response to the conference. We received a fair amount of papers and as promised the qualifying papers will be available to download right here. Find many more interesting topics like Islam in Malawi & Islam in the Kingdom of Lesotho as well as more Key Muslim figures in South Africa.

Click Here to Download all Qualifying Papers

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