Masjid Sanitizing kits

IDP Imams receive Sanitizing kits to keep their Masajid safe during Covid19.

While Muslims rejoiced at the news that places of worship could open once again for congregational prayer, Masajid had to prepare for the influx worshippers amidst the still increasing threat of Covid19 and many lacked the resources needed.  

In response, the Caring Sisters Network (CSN) a Non-Profit Humanitarian Organization ran the “Flatten the Curve Campaign” aimed at providing Masjid Sanitizing Kits to under-resourced areas, helping them make their places of worship safe for use. 

IDP Imams around the Kwa Zulu Natal area were recipients of the necessary resources the campaign provided thanks to CSN. Included in the Kits were a Thermometer, Facial Masks, Sanitizers as well as Hand / Foot Pedal Sanitizer Dispenser.

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