Ramadan Hampers

IDP Imams spread out to distribute food and supplies.

As Ramadan circles back every year charitable organizations worldwide embark on campaigns to bring food and supplies to those whose only meals will come from that aid. Alhumdulillah, there are no shortages of these organizations and in fact many more are needed to even begin to address the global issues related to poverty, starvation & malnutrition.

Every year IDP teams up with organizations like the Caring Sisters Network (CSN) and   International Islamic Relief Organization (Iirosa) a subsidiary of Muslim World League who strive to bring humanitarian aid and relief to those in desperate need of support. Annual Ramadan food drives are done by these organizations through which IDP is able to access food hampers for Imams on our program to distribute within their communities. 

To this end IDP Imams located in South Africa and Malawi received and distributed Hampers for the blessed month of Ramadan 2020 as well to ensure that at least iftar and suhoor were not one of the many concerns facing them during the month of Worship amidst the Covid19 pandemic.