Stationery Drive

Together with CSN, IDP works to equip children with adequate school materials.

In a world where most families are struggling to make ends-meat to support their households many children have to get by with less than the bare minimum when trying to seek an education. While many kids excitedly unpack their new stationery on their desks in class on the first day of school others sit quietly watching.


The negative impact on learning for those children who lack proper school supplies like uniforms, stationery, even meals before and during school is known but sadly not much is being done to remedy the situation. Fortunately, the Caring Sisters Network is striving to try and combat this crisis by running an annual stationery drive hoping to bring the tools that are necessary to the children most affected by this plight.


In an effort to benefit as many children as possible from this drive CSN broadens its reach through the Imams of IDP who distribute these stationery packs to the children in their communities. These are often communities in which the imam himself serves to educate these kids amidst under-resourced and gravely impoverished conditions. This is yet another way the Imam Development Program seeks to assist the imam by affording him opportunities wherein he can be of greater benefit to his community.

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