The Imam Development Project was launched in April 2014 with the aim of assisting currently employed Imams with the tools necessary to assist their communities more effectively.

The Imam ideally is supposed to be a confident, strong, passionate individual but unfortunately due to circumstances the Imam is usually underpaid, undeveloped, overworked and lacking in passion. Many complain about Imams and many Imams complain about their state, however very few are trying to remedy the situation.

The Imam Development Project aims to assist currently employed Imams and Religious leaders to empower, develop and refine their skills by providing financial, medical, educational, skills training, clothing, media and counseling assistance.




The Project achieves this by providing Imams with a ‘top up’ package per annum in cash and kind. The project is open to any employed Imam (with the permission of their employer) that is legally employed in South Africa. The project does not strive to direct the Imam in their day to day activities, but rather to provide support to them in achieving their role as Imams.

The Imam Development Project strives to uplift the Muslim community by supporting and strengthening their leaders. The progress of the Imams is tracked by having each submit a monthly progress report, where their activities in dawah, education and interaction within their communities are documented.

Over and above the stipulated assistance for Imams there are numerous incentives available in the form of hajj trips, bursaries, grocery vouchers etc which help to motivate the Imam to do the best he can for the sake of Allah.

Our vision for the future is to assist as many Imams as the project can handle, developing their skills and giving them enough confidence to improve themselves as well as their communities.

Confident Imams. Productive Communities. A Better Ummah.



Code of Ethics & Good Practice of the Imam

It is a condition of the project that the imam should conduct himself upon the following principles:

Purpose: Linking the creation to the Creator

Honesty: Embrace truthfulness, fairness, with all others with whom they interact.

Integrity: Implement a code of behavior which reflects Islamic values, beliefs and always fulfill any commitment, promise and obligations made to the community. Be upright and honest in one’s private as well as public life.

Respect: Treat all others regardless of their background with respect and consider their value as human beings and to speak up against any discrimination and disrespect that they encounter.

Responsibility: Become responsible and accountable for actions and all consequences that might arise from all decisions.

Empathy: Strive to understand the feelings, thoughts and emotions of others to show compassion and fairness to all.

Fairness: To always hear every person’s perspective and treat everyone with respect.

Diligence: Focused and assiduous to make a difference within the communities in which they are working.

Exemplary: Become admired role models based on the character of the Prophet (s.a.w) and our righteous predecessors.

Excellence: Strive for excellence in every action carried out, whether small or big.