When it started

The Imam Development Program (IDP) was established in South Africa in 2014 as a project of Mercy Mission with the aim to assist currently employed Imams and comm unity leaders to empower, develop and refine their skills. We believe through developing effective community leaders; we can transform entire communities. Each Imam is ushered into a two-year program designed to hone his skills through thoughtfully selected Continuous Professional Development programs. Furthermore, the IDP aims to alleviate the financial burden an Imam has by offering him a monthly stipend of R1500 – R2000. The spend per Imam for the two-year program is approximately R192500.


Why it started (vision and mission)

As the leader of the community, he is not only tasked with leading the 5 daily prayers, but is responsible for introducing our children to Islam, advising our youth about life’s major decisions, patching up broken marriages, feeding the hungry, guiding the sinner to find absolution, giving hope to the hopeless; all with the ultimate aim of reconnecting everyone back to their Lord. Sadly, most imams around the country, are under-resourced, under skilled, over worked and hopelessly overwhelmed by the magnitude of the task on their shoulders. For most of us, our job ends when we leave the office; for an imam he is constantly on call. Without being paid a fair wage or having access to basic medical aid or pension, many imams find it difficult to even care for himself and his family.


Areas of Operation

IDP began in Durban, South Africa with 4 Imams. To date IDP has initiated 150 Imams around the country as well as Lesotho and Malawi.

The Aim and Mission

The goal of the program is to build a community of dynamic and inspirational Imams, by delivering an exceptional support and developmental program, so that they can lead the way in establishing faithful, confident, and united communities.


The Imam Development Program is a project of Mercy Mission.


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PO box 94, maidstone, 4380, kwa-zulu natal, south africa