The Imam Development Program aims to assist currently employed Imams and Religious leaders to empower, develop and refine their skills by ushering Imams into a 2-year program designed to hone their skills through thoughtfully selected continuous professional development programs. Furthermore, the IDP aims to alleviate the financial burden an Imam has by offering him a monthly top-up stipend of R1500-R2000.

The program is currently open to any legally employed Imam (with the permission of their employer) in South Africa, Lesotho & Malawi. The program does not strive to direct the Imam in their day to day activities, but rather to provide support to them in achieving their role as Imams.

The progress of the Imams is tracked via monthly progress reports, interactions, monthly tests and a lives touched counter.

Over and above the stipulated assistance for Imams there are numerous incentives available in the form of hajj trips, bursaries, grocery vouchers etc which help to motivate the Imam to do the best he can for the sake of Allah.

Our vision for the future is to support as many Imams as the program can handle, developing their skills and giving them enough confidence to improve themselves as well as their communities.

The Imam Development Program is a project of Mercy Mission.

We would love to hear from you, so please do contact us:

+27820600031 (Admin)

+27844147184 (Director)

PO Box 94, Maidstone, 4380, Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa

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