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Help us buy a new headquarter. Donate a square metre today, and let's build more than just a property – let's build empowered Imams and virtuous communities, one metre at a time.

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Sadaqah Jariyah Opportunity

Donate a Square Metre to the Imam Development Program and help amplify our impact!

Sadaqah Jariyah Opportunity

The Imam Development Program (IDP) was established in South Africa in 2014 with the aim of assisting currently employed Imams and community leaders to empower, develop, and refine their skills. We believe that by developing effective community leaders, we can transform entire communities. In the space of 9 years, we have grown from a team of 3 to a team of 15, with the goal of growing to a team of 43 by 2025. Despite a small, growing team, the impact has been astronomical.

The problem with our current
shared office space

storage problem

Initially designed for a maximum of 3 team members, it is now insufficient for our thriving team of 12 who are in office. This mismatch poses financial implications as we strive to ensure our team's productivity. The remarkable expansion of our team has brought increased activity into our shared office. While this growth opens doors to host guests, donors, and events, our current space falls short of accommodating these opportunities.

Sadly, our current storage setup has hit its limit.

With our continuous growth, our storage needs have surged. This bottleneck affects critical deliveries of resources essential for Imams and their communities.

“The charity of each one shades him on the Day of Resurrection—a Day in which the sun shall be brought near the heads of people, until Allah passes judgement between them”(Ahmad)

New HQ

The Solution

Sadly, our current storage setup has hit its limit.

After months of searching, we have located an ideal property that can serve as the Imam Development Programs offices. Situated in Durban, South Africa, the property is 743 m2 with 9 areas that will serve as a working space, along with 3 storerooms and 1 flatlet that will serve as a source of income towards the maintenance of the property.

New HQ

With this property we will be able to:


Amplify our impact! With designated storage facilities, the opportunities to cater to Imams and their communities needs are endless.


Align the property with our specific needs, allowing us the flexibility to modify the space as the programs operations evolve.


Provide stability, permanence, and a space that will serve as the hub for community initiatives and events.


Centralise the different functions and operations in one location, improving the execution of the program.


Over the past 9 years the IDP has directly improved the lives of more than 423 Imams across nine countries: South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Namibia, Botswana, and Tanzania. Through our training, we have enhanced the effectiveness of our Imams to better serve their communities. And through our Imams we touch the lives of over 2,800 000 people each year.

$1,743,332 Distributed to date to the development of Imams


Distributed to date

 2,800,000 Communities received meat parcels


Communities received meat parcels

24,000+ Meat parcels distributed


Imams equipped with a laptop and smartphone

6 Countries


African Countries

Meet Imam Dawood from Ndola, Zambia. He is the breadwinner for his family of 11. Before the IDP, Imam Dawood and his family were really struggling. There were days where they had one or no meals at all. After joining the IDP, not only is he and his family having three meals a day, but he is now a business owner of a Chicken Farm. The IDP filled a huge gap in his life, allowing him to focus on Dawah without financial worry.

from hunger to business owner
from danger to safety

Meet Imam Godfrey from Kanongo, Zimbabwe. Before the IDP, he lived in a wood cabin that was damaged by termites and riddled with snakes. For the sake of his Dawah mission and keeping the light of Islam burning in Kanongo, he lived alone while his family moved to a safer location. After joining the IDP, Imam Godfrey laid the foundation and is in the process of building his new home. A home that is safe and where he will reunite with his family.

"The semblance of those who spend their wealth in the Way of Allah SWT, is as the likeness of a grain of corn, which grows seven ears and each ear has a hundred grains. Allah SWT gives manifold increase to whomever He pleases. Allah SWT is All-Sufficient, All-Knowing." (2:261)

donate a square metre

Imagine the impact we can create by
coming together to establish a home for the
Imam Development Program!

Together with your support and donations, we will be able to purchase this property. Your donation is an investment in generations to come, an investment in the legacy of knowledge, compassion, and ultimately, virtuous communities. Donate a square metre today, and let's build more than just a property – let's build empowered Imams and virtuous communities, one metre at a time. May Allah bless your generosity and make this endeavour a means of perpetual reward for you and your loved ones.